Member Services

At Union Supply Co. you are not just a customer - you're a member. We want to be a partner in your success. Want to become a Member? Visit "Fair2Trades" today.

Site Services

Getting materials to site, when you need them is often one of the biggest challenges our members face. We can work with you to stage deliveries for when you need them and offer photo proof of delivery including GPS coordinates so you can rest assured that your materials were delivered on-site, on-time.

Trade Post Services

Our Trade Posts locations were strategically selected to serve the smaller communities of Ontario. From these locations we serve the trades by focusing specifially on that. Our inventory is managed based on what our members NEED - you won't find any home goods on the shelves or candles at the cash register.

Supply Chain Services

Our commitment to our members is founded on providing the products they need, when they need them. We stock the essentials for our members to complete projects under tight deadlines. Through our extensive vendor network, we are able to source those hard-to-find items that you require unexpectedly, or in a rush.

Financial Services

Running a business of any size is tough, but it can be especially daunting for smaller businesses to establish credit when vendors are not willing to take a chance on them. We know that building credit is essential for start-ups and smaller operations so we work with new customers find solutions and offer extended credit terms whenever we can. Get started today by filling out our Credit Application.

Design Services

In addition to supplying material - We provide turnkey support for hydronic in-floor installations. Design, application support and training.

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